Reading Aloud 20

Planting is a good start

Nowadays, there are many tree-planting competitions and activities in Hong Kong. They seem to be successful as many teenagers take part and there are more trees along the streets, on abandoned land and in country parks.

I believe this is a good start. The Earth is seriously polluted. The atmosphere is full of greenhouse gases and pollutants which are harmful to our health.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to clean the atmosphere.

These tree-planting activities can raise awareness of environmental protection. The participants can set an example for others. They can encourage others to protect the Earth. I think that protecting the environment is not only about planting trees.

We should reduce the use of fossil fuels and avoid the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. I believe that doing things like this can help keep the world beautiful.

Law Nim Chi ( 6A )
South China Morning Post ( July 8, 2005 )


1. abandoned (adj) 被遺棄的
2. pollutants (n) 污染物

3. carbon dioxide (n) 二氧化碳

4. oxygen (nj) 氧氣

5. atmosphere (n) 大氣
6. awareness (n) 認識

7. environmental (adj) 環境的

8. participants (n) 參與者
9. fossil fuels (n) 化石燃料

10. emission (n) 散發

Useful Sentences

1. take part (in sth) 參與
They will be taking part in the discussions, along with many other organizations.

2. harmful to 有害的
Fruit juice can be harmful to children's teeth.

3. raise awareness of sth 增強某事物的意識
The campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of passive smoking.

4. set an example 樹立了榜樣
Parents should set an example for their children.

5. avoid doing sth 避免
Where possible, we have avoided using technical terms.

6. reduce sth by sth 減少
The workforce will be reduced by around 30 per cent.