Reading Aloud 5

Students show their acting talent

The 2009 Inter-House Drama Competition was a stunning success. It was organised to celebrate our school's 43 rd anniversary. The actors, teachers, students as well as their parents enjoyed the performance to the full.

It was not an easy task for the four houses to present an English drama since English is not our mother tongue.

We would like to extend our thanks to some former graduates who offered us very useful advice on productions. They, along with the house captains, trained the actors in correct pronunciation and intonation.

The audience greeted the students' efforts with loud applause. There were question-and-answer sessions after each performance and members of the audience actively participated in the discussions.

The three adjudicators praised the performers for their great effort and acting talent. The drama competition came to a successful end when our principal presented prizes to the winners.

Miffy Yeung ( 6A )
South China Morning Post ( May 27, 2009 )


1. stunning (adj) 驚人的
2. anniversary (n) 週年紀念

3. graduates (n) 畢業生

4. pronunciation (n) 發音

5. intonation (n) 語調

6. applause (n) 喝采

7. participated (v) 參加

8. adjudicators (n) 判決

Useful Sentences

1. a stunning victory/defeat 驚人的勝利/失敗
  He suffered a stunning defeat in the election.

2. to the full 充分地
  To appreciate this opera to the full, you should read the story first.

3. perform/carry out a task 執行工作
  It was a hard task to perform.

4. extend sth to sb 給予
  I’m sure you will join me in extending a very warm welcome to our visitors.

5. be greeted with 對...作出反應
  The changes were greeted with suspicion.

6. participate in 參加
We want to encourage students to participate fully in the running of the school.