Reading Aloud 7

Everyone loses in photo scandal

The internet celebrity picture scandal is not just about what the stars were doing, but also about the people sending and receiving the photos.

Surely they must realize the devastating effect these photos would have, not only on the stars themselves but on everyone who sees them.

They don't care that children can access the photos on the internet and be badly affected by what they see.

They also don't care about the feelings of the artists who are so conscious about their public image.

I want to urge people to stop circulating these photos. People need to practise self-discipline.

Issac Cheung (6B)
South China Morning Post
( February 26, 2008 )


1. celebrity (n) 名人
2. scandal (n) 醜聞

3. devastating (adj) 破壞性極大的

4. access (v) 取得

5. artists (n) 藝人

6. conscious (adj) 意識到的

image (n) 形象
8. sacrifice (v) 犧牲

9. relaxation (n) 休閒活動

10. circulating 流傳

11. self-discipline (n) 自律

Useful Sentences

1. realize sth 領悟,了解
  None of us realized the danger we were in.

2. a devastating effect 毀滅性的影響
   Gambling can have a devastating effect on families.

3. care about 關注,擔憂
  The only thing he seems to care about is money.

4. have access to 有權接觸
  Only a few people have access to the full facts of the case.

5. conscious of 意識到的,覺察到的
  I was very conscious of the fact that I had to make a good impression.

6. urge sb to do sth 催促,力勸
  Mr. Chan urged her to reconsider her decision.