Reading Aloud 1

Tiger mums groom little tigers

Recently, I read news reports about “tiger mothers” and found them inspiring. I believe I will be a tiger mother in the future.read

Tiger mums raise their children in a strict, old-fashioned manner. Some mums are very gentle, protective and nurturing. But today’s adolescents need close supervision because there are so many temptations in society. Youngsters are not mature enough to resist such temptations as chatting online and playing computer games. This affects their studies and their future.read

To help children succeed, mums and dads need to be tiger parents. Strict supervision not only helps children’s performance, but also guides them towards greater achievements.read

Many parents want to be good mothers and fathers, but they overlook the importance of disciplining their children. The more lenient parents are, the fewer achievements their children will attain. We should expect our parents to be demanding, and let them guide us to success. read

Kina Chung (5A)

South China Morning Post (March 18, 2011)



1. groom (v) 培養
2. inspiring (adj) 激勵的
3. old-fashioned (adj) 守舊的

4. nurture (v) 培育

5. adolescents (n) 青少年

6. supervision (n) 監督
7. temptations (n) 誘惑
8. achievements (n) 成就

9. attain (v) 獲得

10. lenient (adj) 仁慈的