Reading Aloud 10

Social Drinking

I am greatly concerned that more and more young people are becoming dependent on alcohol because of unchecked social drinking. This trend worries me because it can cause serious health and social problems.read

Many alcoholic drinks are packaged exactly like soft drinks. I believe that because of this, teenagers are often misled into mistakenly believing that these drinks have very little or even no alcohol in them.read

It is important to remember that few teens can handle alcohol wisely without guidance. Excessive drinking can have serious outcomes. In the short term, young people can develop high blood alcohol levels or alcohol poisoning, which can lead to dizziness, confusion, violent vomiting, loss of consciousness or even death. If teens drink alcohol frequently, they may become addicted to it.read

Addiction to alcohol also leads to social problems. People may become violent and aggressive when drunk. As a result, they may end up in many unnecessary disputes and fights, causing problems to society. Alcohol also affects a person’s ability to make rational decisions. Studies have shown that alcohol use often leads to high risk behaviour, for example, drink driving or even unplanned pregnancies.read

The problems are serious, but with suitable actions they can be stopped before they become a major problem to our society. The government should set up laws to combat this kind of inappropriate packaging and irresponsible marketing. There should be advertisements on television that warn people of the terrible consequences of alcohol abuse. In addition, teachers and parents should warn teenagers of the dangers of alcohol.read

We must act now to protect the younger generation against alcohol abuse. The future of the next generation is in danger, as is the future of Hong Kong!read



1. excessive (adj) 過度的
2. dizziness (n) 頭昏眼花
3. vomit (v) 嘔吐

4. consciousness (n) 有知覺

5. aggressive (adj) 侵略的

6. disputes (n) 爭執
7. rational (adj) 理性的

8. pregnancies (n) 懷孕

9. combat (v) 防止, 減輕

10. inappropriate(adj) 不適當的