Reading Aloud 11

A letter to give advice (2)

Dear Jimmy

I am sorry to hear about your misfortune. I understand how you feel, and I hope I can help you by giving you some advice.

Your mother told me you have been wandering in Mong Kok with some gangs you met in the Internet bar. I genuinely understand how you feel, because I myself face the similar problem. However, it does not mean you can do nothing to improve this situation. I have tried the following things and they really work. read

Regarding your study, if you find yourself unable to concentrate on study at home, I advise you to study in a nearby study room, not in the Internet bar. It is an effective way to foster a good attitude towards learning. Moreover, you can make many new friends there. When you encounter difficult problems, seek advice from them, not from the gangs. read

I strongly believe that the schooldays are the happiest days in our life. You should take the initiative to enlarge the circle of friends, such as inviting your classmates to ball games and other outdoor activities. You should also focus your efforts on study and give up playing on the computer. Otherwise, your parents will be enraged by your poor school performance.  read

Anyway, I sincerely hope the above advice can help you. Always remind yourself to be cheerful, as problems are never unsolvable.


Chris Wong read



1. misfortune (n) 不幸
2. gang (n) 一夥罪犯
3. genuinely (adv) 真誠地

4. attitude (n) 態度

5. encounter difficulties (ph) 遇到困難

6. take the initiative (ph) 採取主動
7. enlarge the circle (ph) 擴大圈子
8. enrage (v) 使憤怒

9. sincerely (adv) 誠懇地

10. solvable (adj) 可以解決的