Reading Aloud 12

Speech -  Appeal for donation read

Fellow schoolmates

A strong earthquake shook the Sichuan province of China on the 12 of May 2008, causing more than 60,000 casualties and widespread damage. This is definitely the most severe earthquake in China in this century. The unprecedented disaster has shaken the hearts of all Chinese people and drawn the close attention of international society. read

Can you imagine how horrible it was? Thousands of people were buried alive in the rocks and mud. Many buildings collapsed and electric cables were broken. All the highways into the affected areas were damaged. Broken telecommunication and land transportation intensify the already dreadful situation. The disaster area is short of clean water, food, shelter and all kinds of daily necessities ranging from shoes to baby formula. read

In Hong Kong, we are really lucky to be able to go to school and remain free from disasters. But apart from just sitting there and watching others suffer, can’t we do something to help the poor victims? Why don’t we donate some of our belongings to save those who are in a desperate plight? However small the amount is, it helps. read

Show your generosity now! Be it clothes or money or any other things, bring them back tomorrow. The Student Union will set up a counter in the covered playground to collect them. All the donations will be sent to Sichuan through the Red Cross. We look forward to your donation. Thank you! read



1. earthquake (n) 地震
2. casualties (n) 傷亡人員
3. unprecedented (adj) 前所未有的

4. disaster (n)災難

5. intensify (v) 增強

6. necessities (n) 必需品
7. baby formula
(ph) 嬰兒奶粉
8. victims (n) 遇難者

9. in a desperate plight (ph) 面臨絕境

10.generosity (n)