Reading Aloud 14

A summer job read

I worked in a boutique as a shop assistant last summer. My duties were to serve the customers and help my boss look after the shop. The work experience I gained was precious and unforgettable.read

Since it was my first job, I had to face lots of problems at the beginning. It was frustrating to fold the clothes neatly all the time. Worse still, during a sale, clothes folded were often messed up again and again by the customers. Even though I tried my best to tidy up the clothes, I was not able to handle all of them with only two hands! read

The toughest part of all was to deal with some very mean customers. They had no manners at all. They just shouted at you, criticizing the products caustically. Nevertheless, I didn’t give up, but helped them on my own initiative. I found the suitable sizes for them so that they would not mess the clothes up. Basically, I wore a welcoming smile on my face. I kept on being nice no matter how rude or mean they were. read

Despite the heavy workload, the job was worth doing as it was very rewarding. First of all, I earned about ten thousand dollars in total. I spent half of it to buy gifts for my parents, and also some reference books for myself. Moreover, the communication skills I have acquired are invaluable. The challenging job has transformed me into a mature person. Now, I am more confident. I have also enlarged my social circle, and enhanced my career prospects.read

I have decided to find a summer job again in the coming summer so as not to waste my time. Don’t hesitate! Get a job this summer and broaden your horizons!read



1. boutique (n)  時裝店
2.  precious (adj) 珍貴的
3. frustrating (adj) 使人沮喪的

4. messed up (ph)弄糟

5. toughest (adj) 最棘手的

6. caustically (adv) 刻薄地
7. on my own initiative
(ph) 主動做
8. communication skills (ph) 溝通技巧

9. transformed (v)使改變

10.broaden your horizons (ph)