Reading Aloud 15

More Discipline is Necessary read

Recently, there have been occasional incidents of bullying, teasing, and fighting in our school. Some students were reported to be misbehaving in public areas like fast food shops. It is perhaps the right time to give more attention to the falling standard of discipline in our school. read

Establishing more discipline is definitely beneficial to students and teachers alike. A higher standard of discipline can create a better learning environment where students can study more effectively. They are free from fear, worries, and misery of being bullied. Schools become a simpler environment for acquiring knowledge and building up friendship. read

To teachers, a higher standard of discipline will spare them more time to concentrate on teaching and handling students’ emotional problems. The more discipline our school has, the more time is available for teachers to teach students and prepare course materials. A higher teaching quality possibly results. read

Our school also gets immense benefits. We can get a higher reputation in the district, thus assuring parents of the quality education in our school. The fact is that reputation is so important for a school’s survival and giving parents confidence in choosing our school as the best learning environment for their children.read

To conclude, a higher standard of discipline is essential for creating a harmonious school environment for every student. read


1. occasional (adj) 偶爾的
2.  teasing (n) 取笑
3. discipline (n) 紀律

4. beneficial (adj) 有利的

5. misery (n) 痛苦

6. spare (v) 騰出
7. immense (adj)
8. reputation (n) 聲譽

9. survival (n) 生存

10.harmonious (adj) 和諧的