Reading Aloud 16

How to make Hong Kong a better place for tourists read

Hong Kong is a dynamic city that attracts millions of visitors to come to indulge in shopping and culinary delights every year. However, there are some problems and inadequacies which may soften our competitive edge in the tourism industry.read

Many foreigners have complained about the air quality in Hong Kong. Air pollution gives visitors a bad impression. To reduce air pollution, the government should ban private vehicles from tourist spots, and penalize car owners whose vehicles produce excessive exhaust fumes.read

Another problem affecting tourism in Hong Kong is the quality of customer service here. The services provided by some shops are unacceptable. For example, there are shops doing business dishonestly. Such practices have adversely affected the image of Hong Kong among tourists. The Tourism Board and the Consumer Council should work together and monitor these shops closely.read

On the positive side, we can increase the attractiveness of Hong Kong. We can hold more special events to attract tourists. For example, we can invite renowned sports teams to come for matches with the Hong Kong team, or we can invite international pop stars to hold concerts in Hong Kong. read

In addition to these ideas, we need to create new places of interest for tourists. Besides the new Disneyland theme park, we can redevelop the outlying islands into holiday resorts and create more scenic coastal walks and nature trails, so that tourists can enjoy the splendid natural views of our seas and hills at the same time.read



1. dynamic (adj) 有活力的
2. indulge (v) 沈迷
3. culinary (adj) 烹飪的

4. inadequacies (n) 不充分

5. penalize (v) 處罰

6. exhaust fumes (v) 廢氣
7. adversely (adv) 不利地

8. renowned (adj) 有聲譽的

9. scenic (adj) 景色秀麗的

10. splendid (adj) 壯麗的