Reading Aloud 17

A letter to give advice (3) read

Dear Linda,

How are you getting on? I have learnt about your bad mood from Peter. I truly feel sorry for you.read

It is easy to see why you are so upset. I know that your mother always nags at you. But she is just concerned about you. If you think your mother is always finding fault with you, you should sit down and discuss the problem with her. The longer you remain silent, the worst it is going to become. Sometimes, it is best to get things out in the open before they get any worse.read

It is important that we should appreciate the efforts of our parents. So, you must try to talk more to them. Let your mother explain to you the reasons behind her actions. But of course, there must be some differences in your perspectives. While you may see yourself as a grown-up and can make your own decisions, in your parents’ eyes, you are always their little daughter.read

On the other hand, you must show your parents that you can take care of yourself. Besides, you may want to talk about your problem with your father and sister, who can give great support.read

To conclude, if I were you, I would be less pessimistic about everything. At present, I think you may find it helpful to pull yourself together and study hard. When you can get good results in examinations, not only you, but also your parents will be very pleased.

I am always ready to hear more from you.


Susan read


1. bad mood (ph) 心情差
2. nag (v) 不斷嘮叨
3. find fault with (ph) 挑剔

4. silent (adj) 沈默的

5. appreciate (v) 感謝

6. perspectives (n) 看法
7. grown-up (n)
8. decisions (n) 決定

9. pessimistic (adj) 悲觀的

10. pull yourself together (ph) 使自己冷靜的