Reading Aloud 2

Speech - Drama performance

You Are a Contributor Too!

A once-in-a-year drama performance is going to be on stage here at our school! Don’t you want to relax a bit after all the tense academic work and dozens of exams at the end of this academic year? Don’t you want to do something to make the school a better place? If you do, take part in our drama performance!read

Creative and novel elements are added to this year’s performance. Not only can students enjoy a superb professional looking performance, they can also have opportunities to interact with the actors! We’re convinced that all the audience will be spellbound to our stunning and excellent performance.read

The drama performance is going to be held at our school hall between 7p.m. – 8p.m. on 24th June. A ticket costs only $40. What’s more, the money raised from selling the drama tickets will go towards buying new English books including short stories, fiction, language exercises and self-learning reference books which indeed help raise students’ level of English substantially.read

Don’t hesitate! Go to the English Club and buy the tickets! Every endeavour of yours can make a difference. Work hard, play hard. Hope all of you will have a great time.read

Chris Wong

English Club

5F Chung Wing Ting



1. contributor (n) 捐贈者
2. tense (adj) 緊張的
3. academic (adj) 學術的

4. superb (adj) 極好的

5. novel (adj) 新穎的

6. spellbound (adj) 入迷的
7. stunning (adj) 給人深刻印象的

8. substantially (adv) 相當多地

9. hesitate (v) 猶豫

10. endeavour (n) 努力