Reading Aloud 20

How our school can help students stop smokingread

Smoking is an issue that concerns both parents and teachers. In fact, smoking has become a real problem at our own school, with some students having been caught smoking even on campus. However, this issue can be addressed in a number of ways at our school.read

One solution is to hand out strict punishments to students who have been caught smoking. It is a clear school policy that students are not allowed to smoke at school. If students are caught breaking a school rule that relates to smoking, they should be given Saturday detention or some other harsh punishment. Their parents should also be informed immediately.read

Another solution is to increase the awareness among students of the dangers of smoking. First of all, information about the facts behind smoking should be made visible in the form of posters and leaflets throughout the school. People who have suffered from the effects of smoking could be invited to give talks. If students heard first-hand accounts of illnesses, they would be more likely to avoid this bad habit. read

A third solution is for the school to actively promote different ways for students to stop smoking. For example, some schools have begun to run Stop Smoking courses after school. Others have invited counselors to come to their schools every week. The school could also encourage students who have successfully quit smoking to set up peer support groups for the problem.read

In conclusion, our school can do a number of things to help solve the problem of smoking. Besides handing out strict punishments to students who have been caught smoking, the school could raise the awareness among students of the dangers of smoking and take an active role in helping students to quit smoking. read



1. issue (n) 問題
2. addressed (v) 對付
3. solution (n)解決辦法

4. strict punishments (ph) 嚴厲懲罰

5. detention (n) 留堂

6. harsh (adj) 嚴厲的
7. visible
(adj) 顯而易見的
8. leaflets (n) 單張

9. counselors (n) 指導老師

10.quit smoking (ph) 戒煙