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Putonghua will help students find jobs

There is a heated debate about making Putonghua a compulsory subject in public exams. Hongkongers have mixed feelings about the issue.read

Those who support the proposal say it would improve the students’ language standards. It would also make Hong Kong more competitive in its efforts to become Asia’s education hub, they add.read

Meanwhile, some people are worried that the proposal would upset the present curriculum balance. If it was carried out too quickly, teachers and students would be put under even more pressure, they warn. read

I strongly support the proposal. Although there are concerns about its implementation, I believe the problems can be solved with careful planning.read

Under the proposed system, students with well-developed language skills will have better career prospects. Some Hong Kong firms work closely with their mainland counterparts. The ability to speak Putonghua fluently is no longer just a “bonus”; it has become a must for many Hongkongers.read

Making Putonghua a compulsory subject would benefit students and society as a whole. Let’s learn Putonghua to build a better future.read

Becky Yeung (6A)

South China Morning Post (June 29, 2011)


1. heated debate (ph) 激烈的辯論
2. compulsory (adj) 必修的
3. mixed feelings (ph) 拿不定主意

4. proposal (n) 提議

5. competitive (adj) 競爭性的

6. education hub (ph) 教育中心
7. upset (v) 打亂

8. implementation (n) 實施

9. career prospects (ph) 職業前景

10.bonus (n) 額外的好處