Reading Aloud 4

Email - Mars

Hi Nick

I have just taken the new shuttle back to Earth and got your message. I’m so excited to know you are going to Mars too. Surely my trip to Mars was absolutely fantastic! It was really a dream come true.read

At first we weren’t too happy. When we looked out of the shuttle’s windows, all we could see was a dry, dusty, cold and empty landscape. It wasn’t the kind of heaven I had dreamt about. As we were standing waiting for our bags and talking about what to do next, a Martian hotel manager, wearing a sparkly uniform, came over and welcomed us. He took us to our hotel, which was a fabulous floating globe! read

Things were then great! We spent the next day at a theme park, and went on all the rides. The roller coasters were much more exciting than those in the Earth. There was also an indoor low gravity ice skating rink where we got an unforgettable experience of ice-skating at top speed. Lunch was fun because the food at the restaurant was very strange. It was all packed into what looked like tubes of toothpaste! It was surprisingly tasty and I had several ‘ice-cream’ tubes! read

What’s more, I made lots of alien friends in Mars. They were bloody passionate and hospitable. Besides, I strongly recommend you to pay a visit to the Supreme Mall which is a huge shopping centre. You can find a huge variety of alien products there. The novelty goods there drove me crazy!read

All in all, I had a great time. Don’t let the view from the shuttle craft put you off – Mars is a fabulous place to visit. I’d definitely go back.read

Best wishes




1. fantastic (adj) 極好的, 難以置信的
2.  landscape (n) 風景
3. sparkly (adj) 閃閃發光的

4. globe (n) 球狀物

5. passionate (adj) 熱情的

6. hospitable (adj) 好客的
7. novelty (n/adj) 新穎

8. put you off (ph) 使反感

9. fabulous  (adj) 驚人的, 難以置信的

10.definitely (adv) 肯定地