Reading Aloud 5

An unforgettable experience at a jewellery shop

Last Saturday was my younger sister’s birthday. As she loves jewellery, I decided to take her to a jewellery shop and let her pick her own birthday present. We arrived at the shop and the shop assistant eagerly showed us many beautiful items. It took my sister quite some time to finally choose a watch. We were about to pay when we were startled by loud noises and shouting.read

Turning around, we saw three masked men at the shop front pulling down the metal shutter. They were dressed in baggy clothing and carrying deadly looking firearms. Everybody inside the shop was shocked. The robbers ordered us to keep quiet and lie on the floor. They pointed their weapons at us and warned us not to move. We did as we were told and were as silent as mice.read

I felt completely helpless. One man was gasping in fear, and a woman was crying. My sister was trembling. She was pale and I knew she was terrified. I plucked up my courage and took her hand. She squeezed it gratefully.read

A robber pointed his gun at the shop manager and shouted at her to unlock the display cabinets. The other two robbers then started to fill their bags with jewellery. I noticed one of the shop assistants carefully pressing the silent alarm button at the bottom of a counter.read

The robbers ran through the small doorway when they had finished putting the jewellery into their bags. However, they were taken aback when they stepped outside to find themselves surrounded by armed officers. The silent alarm had alerted the police, and they had responded to it immediately. The robbers were caught red-handed with their heavy bags of loot. read

No one was seriously hurt and the stolen goods were returned to the shop. My sister loves her watch but she says that my support during the robbery was the best present she could have received. read


1. startled (adj) 受驚嚇的
2.  baggy (adj) 寬鬆而下垂的
3. plucked up courage (ph) 鼓起勇氣

4. squeezed (v) 擠, 壓, 擰

5. gratefully (adv) 感謝地

6. display cabinets (n) 陳列櫃
7. be taken aback (ph) 嚇了一跳

8. alerted (v) 報警

9. red-handed (adv) 當場

10. loot (n) 贓物