Reading Aloud 6

A letter to give advice (1)

How’s life? Recently, it has come to my notice that you’re hanging out with some guys who have gold hair and lots of piercings. They don’t look like normal students. And I’m sorry to hear that you’ve started taking drugs. I’m worried about you.read

No matter what reasons you have, taking drugs is never right! Being addicted to drugs will have detrimental effects to your health, mentally and physically. The long-lasting effect will do nothing but make you feel unconscious all the time and unable to concentrate on your schoolwork. Drugs will also cause impaired memory. What’s more, it may create illusions and cause mental illness. read

Don’t you love the feeling of euphoria after taking drugs? One of my friends did. He’d been taking ecstasy and heroin for months. Guess what? He was unconscious and sent to hospital one night after taking a huge amount of ecstasy. He didn’t make it after 15 minutes. I dare not recall that scene again. I don’t want you to be like this. I don’t want to lose a lovely friend again!read

Do you take drugs merely out of curiosity or just follow your friends in an attempt to cement relations? Either way, you may suffer from long-term harmful effects. I think you should really talk to a social worker about your situation and let them help you right away before it’s too late. If I were you, I would find someone trustworthy enough to help you out.read

I know there’s no point in arguing about this with you because it is your own business. But I’m just trying to bail out a friend who I love out of a predicament. Feel free to give me a ring. I’m always here for you. Quit this bad habit immediately. Stay strong! I know you can make it through this.read

Best wishes,


5F Chung Wing Ting



1. hang out (ph) 閒蕩
2. detrimental (adj) 有害的
3. unconscious (adj) 不省人事的

4.  impaired (adj) 受損的

5.  illusions (n) 幻覺

6. euphoria (n) 心情愉快
7. ecstasy (n) 迷幻藥

8. heroin (n) 海洛因

9. cement (v) 鞏固關係

10. predicament (n) 困境