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Speech – Green initiative

Good afternoon everyone. I speak on behalf of the student union to enlist your help in reducing unnecessary waste at our school. How many of you buy lunch from the school canteen? Do you throw away the disposable lunchbox and the bag of cutlery and napkin after use?read

What happens to all our used disposable lunchboxes, plastic bags, disposable chopsticks and plastic spoons? They are all thrown in the rubbish bin and then they will be taken, eventually, to a landfill. As you know, there is an acute shortage of landfills in Hong Kong. Every citizen of Hong Kong must take immediate action to reduce unnecessary waste; otherwise, Hong Kong will be unable to dispose of her mounting rubbish in the near future. The school canteen is going to start using recycled, reusable food trays. This will drastically reduce the polystyrene waste we are at present responsible for. read

We, as individuals, can do our part also. At the beginning of next month, there will no longer be disposable cutlery and napkins available in the canteen. All of us who buy lunch will need to bring our own cutlery and reusable napkin. This is such a small thing to do, yet it will have substantial impact on the environment.read

Some students might moan about the inconvenience these changes will have – service will be slower. But let me ask you this – do you want to live near a landfill in the future? You will have to if we keep filling them at our present rate. Do you want to enjoy country parks and trails? These will be needed for more landfills. Isn’t this a much more serious ‘inconvenience’?read

Please get ready to bring your own reusable cutlery and napkin from next month. And remember – no tissues. You need a napkin that can be washed and reused. Let’s all do our part to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste going to Hong Kong’s landfills. All of us are responsible for what we throw away – so let’s reduce it, together!  Thank you.read


1. initiative (n) 主動的行動, 倡議
2. on behalf of (ph) 代表
3. enlist (v) 獲得

4. disposable (adj) 用完即丟棄的

5. cutlery (n) 餐具

6. napkin (n) 餐巾
7. polystyrene (n) 聚苯乙烯

8. acute shortage (ph) 嚴重短缺

9. drastically (adv) 大大地, 徹底地

10.moan about (ph) 抱怨