Reading Aloud 9

Voluntary work

Dear Pat

Guess what I did this summer! I volunteered for a charity called ‘Friends of the Planet’. As its name suggests, its aim is to protect the environment. I’d never had any experience working in an office before, but I got to do administration work. It was quite a challenge, but I gained excellent experience and it was the best summer holiday I’ve had!read

I had to do a lot of different things in the office. In the morning, I had to type and file documents. I also wrote memos and emails for my boss in the afternoon, helped send out promotional materials, and was responsible for answering the phone and taking messages. I was very nervous at first because most people spoke fast on the phone and I had to be very focused.read

I also learned many useful things from my boss, such as how important it is to look and sound professional in the office. After all, I didn’t want my colleagues treating me like a child! I also learned important office and business skills. I found it a little stressful at first, but once I got used to the working environment, I really enjoyed it.read

I think it’s important that people support charities. In fact, I think it’s our social responsibility. After all, charities help to make the world a better place! Do you know what else I found out this holiday? That the benefits of supporting charities are two-way! I gained valuable experience and met many wonderful people.read

Have you ever given any thought to voluntary work? With your interest in animals and the environment, I’m sure you’d find many worthwhile charities in Canada. Then you’ll also find out how meaningful voluntary work can be! I can’t wait to find out what you did in your holidays. Write soon!read

Best wishes



1. volunteered (v) 自願服務
2. administration (n) 行政
3. documents (n) 文件

4. memos (n) 備忘錄, 聯絡便條

5. promotional (adj) 廣告宣傳的

6. focused (adj) 專心的
7. colleagues (n) 同事

8. stressful (adj) 緊張的

9. valuable (adj) 貴重的

10. worthwhile(adj) 值得做的