F.6 Speaking

Set 1

Presentation 1 --- Listen
The passage I read is called 'Managing your pocket money'. The writer tells us the fact that most teenagers in Hong Kong nowadays have problems managing their own finance; this is even true for university students. The writer mentions in the beginning of the passage that young people find it difficult to keep a good balance between their income and expenditure. The reason is that young people cannot resist the temptation to buy from stores. From what I've read, I've also learned that university students are no better than teenagers in this matter. An example is used in the passage to show us why a university student cannot keep an eye on her finance. Janice is a university student who earns $5,000 a month. Her interests in computer and fashion make it impossible for her to save. She ends up drawing money each month from her savings account. In fact, most teenagers spend recklessly because they cannot control themselves. As a result, many students end up owing the companies of their credit cards thousands of dollars. Finally, according to the writer, we should learn to stop our urge to buy extravagant things as we students really don't need them.