F.2 Speaking

Set 1

Classroom language for students --- Listen

A. Greetings
1. Good morning/afternoon, Miss/Mr ____
2. Hello, Miss/Mr ____
3. Goodbye, Miss/Mr ____

B. Questions, apologies and excuses
1. May I come in?
2. May I go out? / May I be excused?
3. May I turn on/off/up/down the fan?
4. May I switch on/off the light / air-conditioner?
5. May I open/close the door/window?
6. May I borrow your pen/ruler?
7. May I take my medicine here?
8. I'm not feeling well. May I go to the medical room / the sick room?
Teacher's response: Sure / Yes, of course. // I'm afraid not.

9. Could you lend me your pen/ruler?
10. Could you explain this again?
11. I beg your pardon. / Could you repeat that please? / Could you say that again?
12. Could you help me?
13. Could you tell me the meaning of this word/sentence?
14. Could you tell me the English word for ____?
15. Is this right/correct?
16. Why is this wrong?
17. What page are we on?
18. How do you say ____ in English?
19. How do you spell ____?

20. Sorry. / I'm late (because I missed the bus/got up late.)
21. I'm sorry. I've forgotten to do/bring the homework.
Teacher's response: Hand it tomorrow / this afternoon.

22. I'm sorry. I forgot to bring the book/file.
Teacher's response: Bring it next time. Share with your neighbour now.

23. I'm sorry. I don't know how to say this in English.
24. I'm sorry. I don't know the answer. / I have no idea.
25. I'm sorry. I don't understand.

26. Excuse me, may I say/ask something?
27. Excuse me. I can't see the blackboard. / I can't hear you.
28. Excuse me. I don't know what ____ means.

C. Students' responses
1. X: How are you?
Y: Fine, thanks. // Not very well, I'm afraid.
2. X: Thank you!
Y: You're welcome.
3. X: I'm sorry.
Y: That's all right. / That's OK.