F.3 Speaking

Set 1

I watched a sumo wrestling match at the Kokugikan, a big sumo wrestling stadium, in Tokyo today. Kosuke, my Japanese friend, took me there. It was the first time I saw a live sumo fight. It was great!

There were lots of colourful banners outside the stadium. Each of them had a sumo wrestler's name on it. Inside the stadium, there was a ring, Dohyo, in the middle. It was very big. I was so excited when I saw the wrestlers come in. They were very tall and huge. My favourite fighter, Wakanohana, was in the last match. In 20 seconds, he pushed the other wrestler out of the ring and won. He is super!

Sumo wrestling is regarded as the Sport of the Gods in Japan . There are many different kinds of ceremonies involved. For one, a short ceremony is performed before the fight. Sumo wrestlers stamp on the ground first with one foot and then with the other to drive out evil spirits. I'll find out more about these interesting ceremonies when I get back to Hong Kong .