F.3 Speaking

Set 1A

Let's celebrate --- Listen

Dear Mum,

I am in Spain right now. The weather here is great! Yesterday was the last day of La Tomatina, a popular festival here. La Tomatina is a fight with tomatoes. It sounds a bit silly but it's great fun.

No one is sure about how the festival got started. Some believe that it started when school kids threw their lunches at each other for fun one day. Some say that it started because the local people disliked the mayor of the town at the time and started throwing tomatoes at him.

There was a whole week of celebrations, music, fireworks and food before the tomato fight. 100 tons of tomatoes were brought in the village streets. It was like a sea of red. The sweet smell of tomatoes filled the air. Colourful flags, banners and posters were everywhere. People were waiting for the ¡¥big moment¡¦ to come. When the first firework was lit, the fun began ¡V everyone started throwing tomatoes at each other. I was a total mess in just an hour. Tomato juice ran down from my hair and face. I felt very tired too.

I really had a great time! But I am sure I will not have tomatoes for quite some time as I've been eating tomatoes for a whole week here. What's more, I was sickened by their smell after the fight!