F.3 Speaking

Set 3

Do you know how old the first pyramid is? It is more than 4,680 years old. Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death. They believed that the dead body of a person should be kept in good condition for him to enjoy the after-life. So, they treated the pharaoh's body carefully and put it in the pyramid together with food, clothes and treasures.


Do you have any idea how the pyramids were built? Does the scene of slaves being forced to work come to your mind? Now I can tell you it's not true. The workers were actually farmers who worked willingly for their pharaohs. They were well-treated with housing, food, clothes and oil. However, how they built the pyramids is unknown. They didn't have wheels at that time. Therefore, how they were able to move such huge stone blocks is still a mystery today.


The curse is one of the most interesting topics about the pyramids. It was used to scare away tomb robbers. We all know about the horrible effects these curses could bring to people from movies about Ancient Egypt. However, it seems that they didn't work well in real life. Nearly all the royal tombs in the pyramids have been broken into and the treasures stolen.