F.3 Speaking

Set 5

Be a Writer--- Listen


Hello. It's me, Kim. Many readers have asked me about what my daily
routine is like. I live a very simple life, just like any of you.

As you all know, I write detective series for a daily newspaper. Every
morning, I get up at 6 and start writing. I never eat any breakfast
because I work best when I am hungry! It is also a good way to make
sure that I finish my manuscripts on time before noon. If not, I'll never
get to have my lunch!

I usually go to the publishers to give them my manuscripts at noon.
Why don't I send them through e-mails? The answer is simple: I know
nothing about computers! I am not good with technology. Therefore,
I'd better do it myself!

After that, I have lunch at a cafe near my home. It's a comfortable
place. I always spend the whole afternoon there and try to come up
with new ideas for my stories. That's why some people say my
detective stories are created at that cafe!

In the evening, I either meet my friends or have dinner with
my family. It is always the most relaxing time of the day.

Many of you have asked me if I've ever been fed up with my
job. Yes, I have, whenever I suffer from 'writer's block'. But
lucky me, I have a caring wife, Sally. She always cheers me
up and makes me work harder!