F.3 Speaking

Set 6

My favourite cartoon characters --- Listen

My favourite cartoon character is Doraemon. I think everybody knows what it is. It is a blue robot cat with no ears.

I like the story of Doraemon very much. It is about the friendship between Doraemon and a naughty boy called Nobita. Doraemon comes from the 22nd century. Its main duty is to help Nobita to get out of trouble. Unfortunately, that happens to Nobita quite a lot. Every time, Doraemon uses the amazing tools from its pocket to help Nobita. There is the Docodemo-door which can take people anywhere they want to go. Then there is the light beam that can make people or things smaller. I love reading about Doraemon's tools and I am amazed by the imagination of its creators. Talking about Doraemon's creators - do you know who they are? They are two Japanese artists - Mr Fujimoto and Mr Abiko.

The creation of Doraemon is a funny story. About 30 years ago, the company the two artists worked for announced that there would be a new cartoon series coming.

Actually, the two artists were still working on it. They had not a single idea about the storyline or the characters in it. The two artists then spent many sleepless nights trying to think of ideas for it, but they were not successful. Then one morning, Mr Fujimoto woke up late. He rushed downstairs and tripped over a doll. An idea suddenly came to him. He put the doll and a picture of a cat he had created earlier together and drew a cartoon figure. And that was the first picture of Doraemon.