F.3 Speaking

Set 7

Do you want to play farmer for a weekend? --- Listen

Are you interested in learning more about organic farming?
Come to Mr Tsui's Farm now!

Located in a quiet village in Yuen Long, all crops grown at Mr Tsui's Farm are chemical free. We don't use chemical weed killers, fertilisers or pesticides on our plants. We grow plants and raise animals only by natural means. That's why Mr Tsui's farm products are fresh, delicious, and wholesome.

So take a break from the noise and crowds this weekend and visit us at Mr
Tsui's Farm!
There are a lot of fun activities for you to try:
Catch a fish in the fish ponds.
Feed the ducks, geese and chickens.
Bake bread at our bakery.
Dig in the field and plant some vegetables. ~
Learn how to make recycled paper.
Pick giant carrots and tomatoes from the field and take them home for dinner.
Buy organic fruit and vegetables and free-range eggs at the farm shop
at bargain prices.

We are OPEN EVERY WEEKEND. Don't hesitate! Call Mr Tsui on 2000 1000 for details. See you soon!