F.3 Speaking

Set 8

Save Us --- Listen

Human activities have been making a lot of changes to the natural environment. Many animals' lives are at risk. In this article, we are going to talk about three of these endangered species.

The Rhino
Rhinos are huge and heavy animals with large horns. They have been living on Earth for over 50 million years. But now, their population is reduced to a few thousand only. They may become extinct within the next ten years.
-Poaching is the main reason for the drop in the rhino population.
Poachers kill them for their horns and skins, which can be sold at a very high price in many parts of the world.

The Giant Panda
Pandas are white animals with black eyes, ears, arms and legs.
They live in China. They eat mainly bamboo. Now, there are only
about 1,000 pandas left in the world.
The main problem for pandas is lack of food. Farmers expand their farmland and many bamboo forests have been cleared. What is more, poachers kill them for their furs. Since the birth rate of pandas is low, they may become extinct very soon.

The Elephant
Elephants are huge, grey animals with long trunks. They are plant-eating animals. They can be found in Africa and Asia (India and Thailand).
Their population is falling every year. Poachers kill them for their
tusks to make expensive ivory products.
Human developments
destroy the forests and elephants lose their homes.
In Asia,
some elephants are kept in work farms where they are forced to
work all day lifting heavy timber logs.