F.4 Speaking

Set 1

Role Play 1 --- Listen
Chris: Good morning. My name's Chris Wong and I work for the magazine Comic Weekly.
_____ I'm interviewing young people about comics. Would you mind if I asked you some
_____ questions?
Young man: No, not at all.

Chris: How many comics do you buy each month?
Young man: I buy about six a month.

Chris: Where do you usually buy comics?
Young man: I buy them at 7-ELEVEN.

Chris: Why do you buy comics?
Young man: Because they are funny.

Chris: What is your opinion of violent comics?
Young man: Students shouldn't buy them.

Chris: Who are your favourite characters?
Young man: I like Spider-Man and Captain America.

Chris: When do you buy comics?
Young man: I normally buy comics on Saturdays.

Chris: That's all. Thank you very much for your time.
Young man: No problem.