F.4 Speaking

Set 10

Summing up--- Listen

B: Let's begin the discussion, shall we? Our principal has asked us to organize a leaving party for our English teacher. The first sub-topic we should talk about is where to have the party. Does anyone have any suggestions?

D: Yes, I suggest having it in the activities room. That's a good place for a party because there are lots of colourful decorations.

C: I'm not so sure about that. The activities room is usually occupied.

A: Sorry, what do you mean by 'occupied'?

C: Well, what I mean is there are usually people using the activities room.

A: Oh, I see. That's a good point. Well, I think we should have it in our classroom instead.

B: Sorry, I disagree. I think our classroom is too small for a party. What about having it in the school hall?

C: That's a good suggestion. There's plenty of room in the school hall.

D: Yes, that's right. Now, let's move on to the second sub-topic - when to have the party. I think we should have it on a Saturday.

A: I'm not so sure about that. I don't think many students would want to come to school on a Saturday. What about having it at lunchtime instead?

B: Yes, that's a better time.

C: I'm sorry, I don't agree. Many students are busy at lunchtime. For example, they take extra classes or go to club meetings.

D: I think the best time would be after school. Most students are free then.

A: I agree. Not many students have activities after school, so they would be able to come to the party.

B: Yes, and they would have more time to relax and enjoy themselves.

C: Well, I think we've covered that point. Let's move on to the next sub-topic - what activities to have. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A: I think we should have lots of different games. Everyone likes to play games!

B: Well, that's true but I think games are quite difficult to organize. In my opinion, we should have simple activities like music and dancing.

C: Yes, music and dancing are easy to organize. Let's do that.

D: Good idea! I have lots of good music.

A: Oh, me too! I have about 100 CDs. What's your favourite type of music?

B: Sorry, but I think we've got off the topic. We should be discussing what activities to have. Does anyone have any other idea?

C: Well, I feel we should do something to make the teacher feel special. For example, we could sing him a song.

A: Great idea! I know that he loves music and singing.

B: We could also make him a special card. The card will remind him of us!

D: OK. Let's move on to the last sub-topic - what food and drinks to have. I think we should have pizza and pasta because everyone will be hungry after school.

C: I'm not so sure about that. I think everyone will be eating their dinner soon after the party, so we should only have small snacks.

A: Yes, I agree. What about drinks? I think we should have coffee and tea.

B: Sorry, but I didn't catch that.

A: Sorry, I said I think we should have tea and coffee.

D: I don't agree. I think it's too difficult to have hot drinks. I think we should just have fruit juice.

C: Yes, let's have fruit juice and other soft drinks.

B: Right, I think we've discussed all the sub-topics. Does anyone have anything else to say?

C: Well, I think we should buy the teacher a small present like a book. I know he loves to read.

B: Good idea. Let's do that. Is there anything else?

A: One more thing. I feel we should invite some of the teacher's other students to the party so they can say goodbye too.

D: OK, to sum up, we've decided to have the party in the school hall after school. We've agreed to have some music and dancing, sing a song and make a special card. We've also decided to have small snacks, fruit juice and soft drinks and we've also agreed to buy the teacher a book and invite some of his other students. That was a good discussion. Thanks everyone.