F.4 Speaking

Set 4

Interview 2 --- Listen

Interviewer: Moving on, Mr. Tam, would you mind answering a few questions about the
__________ romance in your early life?
Elderly resident: No, not at all.

Interviewer: So, when was your first date?
Elderly resident: Oh, it was in 1935.

Interviewer: I see. What was your impression of that girl?
Elderly resident: She was beautiful but very shy.

Interviewer: Where did you take her on the date?
Elderly resident: Ummm. Let me think. Oh, I remember. We went to a dim sum restaurant on
_____________ The Peak.

Interviewer: How lovely! Why did you choose that place?
Elderly resident: Because it was romantic of course!

Interviewer: I see. So how many dates did you have when you were younger.
Elderly resident: Oh. I'm sorry. I don't remember!

Interviewer: That's OK. When did you finally get married?
Elderly resident: In 1950.

Interviewer: And how many children do you have now?
Elderly resident: We have four children.

Interviewer: Wow! Well, that was very interesting, Mr. Tam. Thank you very much for
__________ your-time and your interesting stories.
Elderly resident: You're welcome, my dear.