F.4 Speaking

Set 5

Role Play 3 --- Listen

Student: Hello. My name's Chris Wong and I'm a magazine reporter. I'm interviewing bus
_______ company employees about their jobs. May I ask you some questions?
Examiner 1: Yes, please go ahead.

Student: Thank you. How did you find this job?
Examiner 1: I saw a newspaper advertisement.

Student: I see. Where is your office?
Examiner 1: In Yuen Long.

Student: What are the advantages of your job?
Examiner 1: Well, I don't have to work long hours.

Student: What are your main duties?
Examiner 1: My main duties are cleaning the buses and organizing bus timetables.

Student: And how many interviews did you go to?
Examiner 1: I had two interviews for this job.

Student: How long have you worked for the bus company?
Examiner 1: Almost five years.

Student: Ok, thank you for your time.
Examiner 1: No problem.