F.4 Speaking

Set 6

Beginning the discussion--- Listen

A: Let's begin. Our principal is thinking about opening an Internet snack bar in our school and we have been asked to discuss this. The first sub-topic we should talk about is opening times. Does anyone have any suggestions?

B: How about from midday to 5 o'clock. Many students would like to use the Internet in their free periods in the afternoon.

C: Yes, that's a good idea. However, I think younger students should only be allowed to go to the cafe at lunchtime.

D: I'm sorry, I disagree. I think it should be open to all students all day.

A: I agree. I think the cafe should be open all day because students are busy at different times.

C: I think that it might get too busy if we do that.

D: OK, then let's have different times for different students.

B: Yes, I think that's a good idea.

Discussing a social issue --- Listen

A: Should we start the discussion? Today we are going to discuss water pollution and tourism in Hong Kong. First, let's talk about the reasons why water pollution is bad for tourism. Does anyone have any ideas?

B: I think water pollution discourages tourists because it creates a bad smell in the harbour.

C: Yes, that's true. I also think that all the rubbish floating in the harbour upsets people because they think it's very ugly.

D: In my opinion, tourists don't enjoy going to the beach in Hong Kong because the water is too dirty.

A: That's right. Tourists don't want to swim because they are afraid of getting sick.

B: What about eating seafood? I feel that many tourists worry about eating seafood in Hong Kong because sometimes it contains dangerous chemicals.