F.4 Speaking

Set 7

Agreeing with others --- Listen

A: OK, let's start. Our English teacher wants us to give a presentation about eco-tourism in Hong Kong. The first sub-topic that we have to talk about is interesting eco-tourism activities in Hong Kong. Does anyone have any ideas?

D: Well, I think dolphin watching off Lantau is a great eco-tourism activity.

B: I agree. Most people have never seen a pink dolphin.

C: I feel hiking in Sai Kung Country Park is also an enjoyable activity.

D: Yes, you're right. There are beautiful beaches and lots of bird life in Sai Kung.

B: What about the Mai Po Marshes? The bird life there is also amazing.

D: That's right. There are many different kings of birds there.

B: There are also some interesting educational exhibitions. The Mai Po Marshes is definitely an interesting eco-tourism activity.

C: Yes, you're right. I also think Hong Kong is good for water sports and some could be interesting eco-tourism activities.

A: Of course! Hong Kong has good weather for such activities. For instance, diving would be a good activity for eco-tourists.

Disagreeing with others --- Listen

A: Let's move on to the second sub-topic. We have to discuss interesting places to go. Does anyone have any suggestions?

C: I think we should go to the Hong Kong Science Museum because the exhibitions are very interesting.

B: I'm sorry, I disagree. I think it would be too boring.

D: OK. So what about the Hong Kong Park? I think many students would enjoy seeing the birds.

B: I'm not so sure about that. There aren't many birds there.

C: I think it would be better to go to Ocean Park. There are lots of animals there.

A: I'm sorry, I disagree. I think Ocean Park is too expensive.

D: In my opinion, we should go to Sai Kung. There are lots of things to do there, like hiking and going to the beach.

C: I'm afraid I don't agree. It's the middle of summer now and it's too hot.

A: I disagree too. Many students don't like hiking.