F.4 Speaking

Set 8

Discussing a problem --- Listen

A: Our principal is worried about the number of students who are arriving at school late. She's asked our group to discuss the problem. The first sub-topic we should discuss is the people who are usually late. Does anyone have any ideas?

B: In my opinion, the latecomers are usually Form 4 students.

D: Yes, you're right, and Form 3 students are often late too.

C: I'm sorry, I don't agree. I think Form 6 and 7 students are usually late. For example, my sister always leaves home after me.

A: That's right. I often see Form 6 and 7 students arriving late.

B: Well, at least we agree that Form 1 and 2 students don't arrive late. Shall we move on to the next sub-topic? Next, we have to discuss the reasons for lateness. I feel the reason why so many students are late is because they just don't care about school or their studies. Some of them are really lazy.

A: I'm sorry, I don't agree with you. I think the reason is that they stay up so late at night to study that they can't wake up in the morning.

D: Of course, many students stay up late, but I don't think it's because they are studying! I think most of them are surfing the Internet.

B: You're right. Many Form 4 students have told me that they are on the Internet until late.

C: Well, in my opinion, the main reason is that many students do too many activities after school, such as school clubs and sports teams.

D: Yes, I agree. Well, perhaps we should move on to the third sub-topic, ways to stop it happening. What do you all think?

C: I think the principal should talk to parents about the problem.

D: Certainly. It's the responsibility of the parents to send their children to bed early.

A: I also think the school should give a talk to students. For example, about time management. That would be very helpful.

D: I'm not so sure about that. Some teachers have tried talking to the students before and it didn't work.

B: OK. Shall we move on to the last sub-topic - good things about getting to school early. In my opinion, getting to school early will give students time to organize their books and check their work.

D: Yes, you're right. Students will have time to do some extra studying.

C: I'm afraid I disagree. I think students spend enough time studying already. I think getting to school early will give students time to relax before class.

A: Yes, I agree with you. For example, students can chat to their friends.

C: Well, thanks everybody. We've discussed a lot today. We can give our findings to the principal.