F.4 Speaking

Set 9

Suggestion --- Listen

Ann: Let's begin, shall we? Today we have to decide how to spend $100,000 on updating the computer technology in our school. The first sub-topic we have to discuss is what computer technology we can buy. Does anybody have any ideas? What about you, Ben?

Ben: I suggest using the money to buy more laptop computers because students can borrow them to take home and do their homework.

Cindy: I'm sorry, I don't agree with that idea. Students may lose them. What do you think, David?

David: Well, why don't we use the money to buy new software? If we get better software, students will be able to keep their computer skills up to date. What's your idea, Ann?

Ann: That's a good idea. Buying new software is less costly than buying laptops.

Ben: OK, so we'll buy new software instead of laptops.

Encouraging others to speak --- Listen

A: Let's start, shall we? Today we have to suggest ways to celebrate our school's 40th anniversary. First, let's talk about suitable events. Does anyone have any ideas?

C: I suggest having a Chinese banquet for the whole school.

D: That's a good idea. We could also invite past pupils and teachers.

B: Why don't we have a writing competition instead? The person who writes the best story about the school could win a prize.

A: I'm not sure about that. What do you all think?

D: I'm afraid I disagree. I don't think students will have time to enter a writing competition.

A: We could have a drawing competition instead. We could ask students to design a special anniversary card.

C: What do you think, Ben?

B: What about displaying old photos of the school?

A: That's a good idea. Let's include that one.