F.6 Speaking

Set 2

Individual Presentation 2 --- Listen
My passage is a review of a take-away restaurant called Supreme Chicken in Tai Po. The passage is mainly about the food served there, which is, according to the writer, both delicious and healthy.

The restaurant, which is owned by Mr Albert Lo, is apparently very popular and well respected -this is shown by the clippings from newspaper reviews on the walls. In fact, the writer quotes one review as saying that Mr Lo's chicken is the best in town.

The writer points out that Mr Lo's recipe for chicken is a family secret. However, the writer does reveal that one of the dishes, called 'hundred jewel chicken' contains Chinese medicine, which the writer finds rather surprising.

This is explained, according to the writer, by the fact that Mr Lo's relatives were doctors. Mr Lo is in fact quoted as saying that food should not only be delicious, it should also be healthy and not upset the body's harmony. This is a very traditional Chinese concept, by the way, and it probably explains why Mr Lo includes medicine in the food.

The passage mentions that Mr Lo does not use MSG or artificial ingredients, and goes on to describe the careful way in which he prepares his dishes. The last point the writer makes is that, although the prices are high, the restaurant still has a lot of customers.