F.6 Speaking

Set 3

Individual Presentation 3 --- Listen
The passage I have read is about a type of Chinese tea that may help to reduce cholesterol. First, the passage describes a study by a Chinese medical school on the effects of Tuocha, which is a Chinese black tea. According to the passage, the test was carried out on 86 people over a two-month period. The people were all patients of a hospital in Yunnan province, ranging in age from 28 to 72. In addition, they were all suffering from high blood pressure. 55 of these patients were given a dosage of the Chinese tea every day. Another 31 patients received a Western drug for reducing cholesterol.

The passage then goes on to report the results of the study. At the end of two months, the group who drank tea showed almost the same amount of reduction in cholesterol as the group who took the Western medicine. This is interesting because high cholesterol levels are associated with problems such as heart disease and hardening of the arteries, and lower cholesterol lessens the risk of a heart attack.

Finally, the passage says that no major side effects were noticed during the study. It seems to me that this Chinese tea should become very popular in Western countries, where there is a lot of concern about heart disease.