F.6 Speaking

Set 4

Individual Presentation 4 --- Listen
My passage is an interview with the owner of the Sun Hing Court restaurant, which specialises in natural Chinese cuisine. It describes how the restaurant got started, and discusses the reasons why the owner decided to serve this sort of food.

This passage starts by saying that MSG is not on the menu at the restaurant, and explains that this is why the restaurant is popular with its customers. According to the passage, Mr Pang first became interested in the idea when he became a public relations executive. At that time, he began dining out with his clients and colleagues nearly every night. However, he found it difficult to find a restaurant that offered healthy and delicious Chinese dishes. So he and a group of his friends decided to open their own restaurant that would serve dishes that were made from fresh ingredients and were free from MSG and other artificial flavourings.
At first, the restaurant was not very successful. Later, though, Mr Pang expanded the menu to include dishes suggested by customers that they could not find at other restaurants. For example, one customer suggested a ginseng chicken soup that her aunt used to make. Now the soup is one of the most popular items in the restaurant.

Finally, Mr Pang says that he plans to open another restaurant in Kowloon.