F.6 Speaking

Set 5

Individual Presentation 5 --- Listen
Good afternoon, everyone. I would like to talk today about the illegal trade in tiger bones. As you probably know, tiger bone is used in some traditional Chinese medicines, and despite the fact that it's illegal to sell such medicines in Hong Kong, they can still be found in many shops. This is because people are prepared to pay huge amounts to buy them, convinced that they are much more effective than modern medicines. The most regular buyers of tiger bone medicine are older people, who use it as a cure for back pain.

Of course, the consequences for tigers are terrible and the Hong Kong branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature is worried that the trade is rapidly reducing the tiger population all around the world. Obviously, the trade is very big in China and the WWF also suspects that tiger 'farms' have been set up, where the animals are kept before being killed and sold. Because the tigers are only wanted for their bones, the WWF has every reason to fear that these tigers suffer cruel, inhumane treatment before they die.

Worryingly, there have also been human deaths in connection with the trade. Greedy for the ever-increasing profits, which increase as the number of tigers decreases, hunters have even killed people who have tried to stop them catching tigers.

Clearly, the situation is out of control but what can we do? The only solution is to stop buying the medicine. The WWF is currently doing its best to make Hong Kong people aware of the implications of buying it. Not only are people who buy it driving tigers to the brink of extinction, they are indirectly causing the deaths of human beings as well.