F.2 Poem - Boys
My Sister’s a Monster by Gillian Floyd

My sister’s a monster –
It’s true.
I know, because I’ve seen her change
From sugar and spice and oh-so-nice to

A raving, ranting beast
With bulging eyes
And long, wild hair;
I’ve even seen two horns appear
Out of her head, I swear.

Of course,
No one believes me when I tell them.
They think I’m just exaggerating,
But that’s because they never see
My sister’s transformation
From human being into this thing.
Oh no. She keeps that certain revelation
Just for me.

You wait. One day soon
My sister will forget herself
In front of all our friends and family:
Her eyes will bulge
And two sharp horns will grow –
Then everyone will know
That my sister’s a monster.