Speech Festival 2019
1 First Day at School (F.1 Mixed Voice) 2 The Marrog (F.2 Boys) 3 The Moon (F.2 Girls)
4 Eldorado (F.3 Boys) 5 If I Knew (F.3 Girls) 6 An Irish Airman Foresees His Death (F.4 Boys)
7 Angels (F.4 Girls)



Speech Festival 2018
1 The Lobster (F.1 Choral Speaking) 2 Gran's Xi (F.2 Boys) 3 Playgrounds (F.2 Girls)
4 Dracula (F.3 Boys) 5 Creative Writing (F.3 Girls) 6 The Tunnel (F.4 Boys)
7 A Feather from an Angel (F.4 Girls)



Speech Festival 2017
1 The Pirate (F.2 Boys) 2Python (F.2 Girls) 3 Goodbat Nightman (F.3 Boys)
4 Two Witches Discuss Good Grooming (F.3 Girls) 5In the Pink (F.4 Boys) 6 The Sixth Sense (F.4 Girls)



Speech Festival 2016
1  Waking Up (F.1 Girls) 2 Shopping Trolley (F.2 Boys) 3 Huff (F.2 Girls)
4 The Marrog (F.3 Boys) 4 The Colour Collector (F.3 Girls) 5An Alphabet Trip Through Space (F.4 Boys)
6 Geography Lesson (F.4 Girls)    



Speech Festival 2015
1  Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (F.1 Girls) 2 Smile (F.2 Girls) 3 An Alien Ate My Homework (F.3 Boys)
4 Overheard on a Saltmarsh (F.3 Girls) 5You at Christmas (F.4 Girls)  


Speech Festival 2014
1  My_Dogs (F.1 Boys) 2 That's Me (F.1 Girls) 3 Hill Rolling (F.2 Boys) 4 Chossing Their Names (F.2 Girls)
5 The Night I Won The Cup (F.3 Boys) 6 Give Thanks (F.3 Girls) 7The Lake Isle of Innisfree (F.4 Boys) 8Summer Storm (F.4 Girls)


Speech Festival 2013
1 Making Music (F.1 Boys) 2 The Last Bear (F.2 Boys) 3 Chocoholic (F.2 Girls) 4 Giant Winter (F.3 Boys)
5 If You Were Made of Chocolate (F.3 Girls) 6 The World's Best (F.4 Boys) 7 Seasons (F.4 Girls)  


Speech Festival 2012
1  The Whistler (F.1 Girls) 2 The Greatest of Them All (F.2 Boys) 3 The Playground Monster (F.2 Girls) 4 Driving Home (F.3 Boys)
5 About Friends (F.3 Girls) 6 Boys Let No One Steal Your Dreams (F.4 Boys) 7The Famous (F.4 Girls)  


Speech Festival 2011
1  The Donkey (F.1 Girls) 2 On Some Other Planet (F.1 Boys) 3 Willow Pattern (F.4 Girls) 4 My Mother Saw a Dancing Bear (F.4 Boys)
5 It’s Someone’s Birthday Every Day (F.2 Girls) 6 My Sister’s a Monster (F.2 Boys) 7 Stranger (F.3 Girls) 8 In the Desert (F.3 Boys)


Form 1
1 The Fish 2 How Time Flies 3 This Happy Day 4 Mary Had a Little Lamb 5 The Cat and the Mouse 6Where Are You Going, My Little Cat?
7 Everybody says 8 Parents 9 Good Advice 10 Good Manners 11 My Book 12 Friendship
13 Sleepy Head 14 In the Merry Month of May 15 Aladdin 16 Bed in Summer

Form 2
1 My Name 2 Shopping 3 What Is Pink 4 Travel by Swing 5 My Kite Game 6 Ballons
7 Falling Leave 8 Moral 9 Little Star 10 The Wind 11 Wind on the Hill 12 The Coming of Spring
13 Mice 14 New Neighours 15 When I am ill 16 May Flowers 17 At the Railway Station 18 The Cats' Protection League
19 And My Heart Soar 20 Wildlife        

Form 3
1  The News 2  Space Shot 3  At the End of a School day 4  The New House

Form 4
1   How Do I Love Thee 2  What is success 3 The Flowers of Friendship 4  Butterflies
5 Kidnapped 6 Geography Lesson 7  The Fear