F.2 Poem - Boys
The Greatest of Them All by Clive Webster

You can keep your superheroes
Like Batman and the rest –
My dad can beat’em all hands down,
He really is the best.

He tears up toilet tissues,
He can break a twig in two,
He can lift a bag of feathers,
No, there’s nothing he can’t do.

He can bend a piece of cardboard,
He can frighten new-born flies,
And at snapping off a daisy head
He always takes first prize.

He’s stronger than a sparrow
And he’s faster than a snail,
He can punch a hole in newspapers
And never ever fail.

He’s thinner than a matchstick
And his biceps look like peas,
His legs are like a spider’s
And he’s got two knobbly knees.

He’s a legend in his lifetime
He’s a hero through and through.
And what’s the name we know him by?
It’s Superwimp – that’s who!