F.1 Poem - Girls
That's Me by Julie Andrews

Everything that happened that morning is so clear to me,
Although it was all three months ago.
“Will you be all right mum – you don’t seem well?”
“Yes, off to school like a good girl.”
But I don’t understand decimals this morning,
I don’t want to change my library book,
        and yet I love reading.
Must I go to the swimming baths this afternoon?
Although I know I’m nearly ready for my green braid.
        I want to go home.
The four o’clock bell,
I race up the road until my breath heaves in my throat.
Near home I dawdle, linger, drag –
I can hear my own heart
        and my own footsteps.
A rush of speed up the path –
        a dash at the door –
Dad’s smiling face meets me,
His laughing voice tells me I have a new brother.
“You’re the eldest, you choose his name.”

The eldest! the big sister!
        That’s ME.