F.4 Poem - Boys
An Alphabet Trip Through Space

Astronauts in padded space-suits,
Booster rockets give us power,
Course is set for outer space
Docking carefully in an hour.

Engine revving, pushing onwards,
Fuel tanks full, some way to go.
Gravity is getting weaker,
Home is distant, far below.

Instruments show where weve got to,
Jetting through the Milky Way.
Kilometres measure distance,
Launch to lunar landing day.

Modules separate for landing,
Nitrogen is running low,
Oxygen feeds through the gas masks
Planets orbit, seem so slow.

Quick, its time to go back home.
Radar tracks our tiny ship,
Satellites send on the signals
Transmitting every bleep and blip.

Unmanned rockets came before us
Vacuum sealed to be airtight.
Weightless, special cameras sent back
X-ray pictures through the night.

Year-long space trips, would be grand.
Zero hour, its time to land.