F.2 Poem - Girls

I am in a tremendous huff V
Really, really bad.
It isnt any ordinary huff V
Its one of the best Ive had.

I plan to keep it up for a month
Or maybe for a year
And you neednt think you can make me smile
Or talk to you. No fear.

I can do without you and her and them V
Too late to make amends.
Ill think deep thoughts on my own for a while,
Then find some better friends.

And theyll be wise and kind and good
And bright enough to see
That they should behave with proper respect
Towards somebody like me.

I do like being in a huff V
cold fury is so heady.
Ive been like this for half an hour
And its cheered me up already.

Perhaps Ill give them another chance,
Now Im feeling stronger
But theyd better watch out V my next big huff
Could last, much, much, much longer.