F.4 Poem - Girls
The Famous by Carol Ann Duffy

What do the famous have for breakfast?
I think they have pale pink eggs
laid by rare birds, lightly boiled,
served by uniformed maids.

Then I think they have a bath, the famous,
in tubs with diamond taps.
They soak in perfumed lemonade
and their maids scrub their backs.

Then what? The famous get dressed, of course,
in gold and silver clothes
and go out for the day. They sail around
on the Thames in glass-bottomed boats,

waving at children on bridges,
while menservants fish for sturgeon
and scoop out the caviar with silver spoons
to feed to the famous for luncheon.

At bedtime the famous have stories
written specially by famous writers,
then they sleep and dream of being famous
in their sparkling pyjamas or nighties.