F.4 Poem - Girls
You at Christmas By Tony Mitton

You helped to mix the Christmas cake.
The stirring made your tired arms ache.

You hung the baubles on the tree
till it was glorious to see.

You set the crib out on the shelf
and put the baby in yourself.

You helped to hang the Christmas cards.
It seemed that there were yards and yards.

And, when it came to Christmas eve,
you whispered, “Yes, I do believe.”

With great excitement in your head
you placed your stocking by your bed.

Then, switching off you bedroom light,
you turned to view the winter night.

And what you saw there caught your eyes
And made you startle with surprise.

No jolly Santa in his sleigh
with reindeer cantering away.

But just a star so silver bright
it seemed to fill the world with light.

And though so distant in the blue

it hung and sparkled there for You.