F.3 Poem - Boys
The Marrog

My deskˇ¦s at the back of the class
And nobody nobody knows
Iˇ¦m a Marrog from Mars
With a body of brass
And seventeen fingers and toes.

Wouldnˇ¦t they shriek if they knew
Iˇ¦ve three eyes at the back of my head
And my hair is bright purple
My nose is deep blue
And my teeth are half yellow half red.

My five arms are silver with knives on them sharper than spears.
I could go back right now if I liked ˇV
And return in a million light years.

I could gobble them all for
Iˇ¦m seven foot tall
And Iˇ¦m breathing green flames from my ears.

Wouldnˇ¦t they yell if they knew
If they guessed that a Marrog was here?
Ha-ha they havenˇ¦t a clue ˇV
Or wouldnˇ¦t they tremble with fear!
Look, look, a Marrog
Theyˇ¦d all scrum and shout.
The blackboard would fall and the ceiling would crack
And the teacher would faint I suppose.
But I grin to myself sitting right at the back
And Nobody nobody knows.