F.3 Poem - Boys
An Alien Ate My Homework By Kaye Umansky

An Alien ate my homework.
I assure you, Miss, it’s true.
I know you think I’m fibbing, Miss,
But would I lie to you?

I’ll tell you how it happened, Miss,
I was alone last night.
I’d finished all my sums, Miss.
Yes, I know I got them right.

I was writing up my science
Which, quite frankly, Miss, was hard –
When a spaceship came and hovered
In the air above my yard!

A door slid slowly open, Miss,
And to my great surprise
I found myself regarded
By a pair of purple eyes.

The thing was green, with tentacles.
My heart was filled with fear.
I knew it wanted something,
But quite what, I wasn’t clear.

Until it ate my homework, Miss!
Just snatched it clean away!
And then – what’s that you’re saying, Miss?
Detention, Miss? OK.